Thanks to Joni Earl for spearheading the Goshen Funded campaign that provided almost $30,000 in donations to fund our concert series for 2017.

...and our utmost gratitude to all who donated. We couldn't do this without YOU!

"Build the Stage" - Ignition Garage from FiveCore Media on Vimeo.

Check out the campaign on Goshen Funded!

Building Community

Many of you have supported Ignition Music Garage over the last four years. This spring The Goshen News printed a story, Making A Scene, of how our work with 91.1 The Globe, resulted in the launch of Ignition Music Garage. The story highlights how much the professional musicians, agents, managers and radio promoters value our community because we create new fans for them. Our patrons and members comprise an amazing group of people that share a love of great music.

Building a Music Scene

We are proud to book (and pay) professional touring musicians from all over the country. We treat them like royalty, all these folks want are for audiences to hear what they have created and performed.  High quality music, whether live or recorded, moves people. The shared experience of a live performance when music and the audience come together creates a magical feeling. Here at Ignition we pride ourselves on providing the stage where the magic can happen.

Building a Stage

The stage exists as more than a physical space. The stage is a metaphor for local creatives to produce their art from a platform in Goshen, Indiana. By connecting artists to more fans we advance Ignition, the artists, and the community. 

Building Artists' Careers

We have Goshen and Ignition alumni all over the country working in the music industry and entertainment industry. Help more young people get a start in their music career.

Please consider an investment in the creative arts to help us build a larger fan base for all of downtown Goshen.

Keep the music scene alive and growing here in Michiana!

Donate to Ignition

The Americana Music Association members KNOW what’s happening at Ignition Music Garage. This summer Jason Samuel did research for the association during a short sabbatical in Nashville. A survey was sent to AMA members, as well as AMA’s followers on Facebook and Twitter. One of the questions was “What is your favorite music venue?”...

Ignition Music Garage ranked tenth out of the eleven music venues listed!



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