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Ignition Garage Concept Pitch
To: Cultural Creatives of all generations who appreciate good music
Subject: High quality recorded music can provide years of listening pleasure, and appreciate in value
Frustration There is no physical store where I can go to listen to and/or buy high quality music
I hear a new song on The Globe, and I have to go online to download it. If I want to listen to the album I can only hear 15 second samples. I am inclined to add this album to my collection but I want to hear it and see the physical copy. I am increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of MP3 sound, and the devices that play them. They are convenient but the sound quality is poor.
Introducing Ignition Garage - Music Tune Ups in downtown Goshen
The first Local retail music store focused on high fidelity sound and used CDs and Vinyl LPs and live performances.
Mass merchandisers are shrinking the merchandising and inventory of recorded music. There are no retail outlets who sell new vinyl records. The only independent music stores with quality inventory are in Indianapolis, Chicago or other large metropolitan areas. There are no small music clubs in the local market.
To promise Expert advice on how to unlock the quality sound of both analog and digital music
Rediscover the value, both musically and economically, of your vinyl record and CD collection. Trade your collection for the benefit of other music lovers who do not have access to this music. Sustainability means repurposing and recycling of pre-loved music for others to enjoy. This can benefit yourself or the non-profit causes that our retail store supports.
How it works High quality music media can be enjoyed for decades with the appropriate audio equipment.
Some people are happy with music from the internet, but are unsure what to do with the CDs and Vinyl LPs they own. Begin with an assessment of the content and quality of your music collection and the audio systems you use to listen. Hear the difference between MP3, CD, and Vinyl through a good stereo system. Then decide what is needed to play it or repurpose it in the format that you want. With an inventory of physical product, both new and used, you can listen and discover new music to add to your collection. Our expert staff will help you plan how to get the most benefit out of your collection and audio systems and put you on the path to hours of future listening pleasure.
We can make the promise….. Because we are educated music and audio fans, and we know good music and high quality sound
We are committed to helping you unlock the value of your musical collection. We will help you get your collection into the format and system that you prefer. We will accept your collection as a donation of pre-loved music, or provide you with store credit for the wholesale value so that others can then enjoy the music again at an affordable price.
This is a great value because… I have access to all formats, and I can turn my old music into store credit to buy what I want.
The online market is too large, confusing, and costly. And the technology changes too fast for my comfort. I want to collect music in a format that I know will last and retain its value for decades.
Why we LOVE this idea… Because it is also good for the artists who create music, and we get a chance to meet them.
By providing a single location for retail, radio, and live performances, touring artists will visit and connect with fans. We get to see and hear some of the best emerging artists that are being played regularly on The Globe. Artists get a chance to perform, build a fan base for their music, and sell merchandise directly.

120 East Washington Street, Goshen, IN 46528 574-971-8282
Store Hours Monday-Thursday 10:30-6:00, Friday-Saturday 10:00-7:00, and Sunday 12-5PM.

Items available on our website may not be currently in stock at our store. Please call us with any questions!

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