Na Na Na


Format: Digital
Label: Def Jam Recordings
Rel. Date: 07/22/2003
UPC: 075021011137

Na Na Na
Artist: Dodo Martino
Format: Digital


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''Dust Off and Dance'' is the sixth regular studio album by Tiffany, released in May 2005. Its style is electronica or dance music, representing a departure from the styles she has used in earlier albums, and of particular interest to dance clubs, where its songs have achieved some success. Tiffany has stated that this album is especially aimed at the gay community, which represents a significant portion of her fan base; she says "I have done the complete gay album."

Tiffany did not have a record contract at the time, so this album was released independently and sold online at the CDBaby site, where it was for a while the top-selling CD. It was also made downloadable in the iTunes music store.

Tiffany has been performing in various places in the US and the UK, including songs from this album as well as her earlier releases and cover songs.

By December, 2005, the song "Be With U Tonite" was being played heavily on some dance-format radio stations.

Several tracks from the album ("Ride It", "Na Na Na" and "Fly") have been featured in several episodes of the television series ''Ugly Betty''.

In late April 2008, a track with the same name as this album (but not found on the album), "Dust Off and Dance", became available for download on the web. The song is Tiffany doing vocals for a dance team called Hydra Productions, and the song is found on their album ''Liquid''. - Wikipedia

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