Format: CD
Label: MUTE U.S.
Catalog: 69191
Rel. Date: 02/25/2003
UPC: 724596919125

Artist: Echoboy
Format: CD
New: Not Available

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Listen to the guitar solo that snakes like a coy lightning bolt through "Comfortof the Hum," Giraffe's standout electro-flavored track, and you'llhave no problem understanding why Oasis tried to bring Richard Warren, AKA Echoboy,aboard a while back. Listen to the album in its entirety and you'll seeeven more clearly why he turned them down. While Warren's virtuosity mighthave done much to shore up the Brothers Gallagher's faltering empire, Giraffe,Echoboy's third full-length, demonstrates that he's steadily buildinga singular pop vision of his own. Warren hasn't quite found the voiceto match that vision yet, but as "Good on TV" and "Wasted Spaces"indicate, he's doing a much better job with Neil Tennant's and BobbyGillespie's than either of them have since the White House was occupiedby a Democrat. And when it comes to integrating guitar pop with electronica,Echoboy is second to none.
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